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Quick Facts

School Hours: 9:00 AM to 3:35 PM
Grade Distribution: JK to Grade 8
Student Enrolment: 317

Our Parish

Sacred Heart Church
131 Thames St N, Ingersoll, ON N5C 3C9
(519) 485-1802

About Our School

The total population of St. Jude is comprised of 317 students and 33 staff members. St. Jude was an apostle who travell​ed throughout Mesopotamia on a small fishing boat preaching the Good News of God’s love. We have embraced the nautical roots of this fine saint and are The Home of the Navigators. The Navigators “set their sails and stay the course.”

Student success is the focus of a dedicated and caring staff. St. Jude’s Catholic School is an exciting and vibrant place to learn. Each member of our school community is a special gift from God with unique talents and abilities. Again this year, we look forward to the opportunity of working with our wonderful children, staff members, and parental community!

Here at St. Jude’s we encourage each student to do his or her best and become involved in all aspects of our school life. We have a faith centr​ed school community that provides children with the skills and knowledge they need to become contributing members of our larger society.  We would like to take this opportunity to both thank and congratulate all of our students of contributing and helping to make St. Jude’s a wonderful learning environment. We are very proud of you!

To our tremendous staff, Father Simard and the entire parental community; thank-you for your hard work and partnership with our children. Our commitment to and support of our Catholic teachings is truly appreciated.


As of September 2004, the “new and improved” St. Jude’s Catholic School, opened its doors to the community. Our first rate gymnasium complete with electronic scoreboard hosts our St. Jude’s Navigators sports teams.  Local artisans have hand crafted a beautiful stained glass window in keeping with our nautical theme based on St. Jude, a fisherman that greets all who enter. Our beautiful library houses a 30-station computer lab. We are also proud to have a dedicated Fitness Room to further provide opportunity for Daily Physical Activity to our students. ​ 

Patron Saint

St. Jude was an apostle who travelled throughout Mesopotamia on a small fishing boat preaching the Good News of God's love. St. Jude is the Patron Saint of Hope and impossible causes and one of Jesus' original twelve Apostles. He preached the Gospel with great passion, often in the most difficult circumstances. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, he made profound differences in people's lives as he offered them the Word of God.

Through his intercession to Jesus on our behalf, St. Jude takes us into his continuing care. He welcomes our prayers of gratitude to God, our petitions for strength and help, and offers hope for every intention. The community of St. Jude's Catholic School has chosen to embrace the nautical roots of this fine Saint.  The St. Jude Navigators "set their sails and stay the course"

School Safety 

Safety of all students at St. Jude’s Catholic School is of utmost priority. To this effect, we have implemented, as part of the student Agenda, a Code of Conduct which parents are required to sign. Students are made aware of expectations through classroom discussions and in daily interaction daily with all members of our staff. We also have a Safe and Healthy School Committee to focus on health issues and learning opportunities for students, staff and the larger community.​​