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Catholic Education Week 2021: NURTURING HOPE

We celebrate Catholic Education Week (CEW) during the first week of May. The activities and lessons provide students opportunities to deepen their awareness and understanding of the gift and responsibility of Catholic Education

Sometimes a wrong turn will bring you to exactly the right place.

Life is a journey. We chose our paths and we do it one step at a time through the many choices we make. Sometimes while traveling a road we think is just right, we discover an exciting adventure right in our path that we had never considered. When we look back we often see that what we thought was a "wrong turn" brought us to exactly the right place.

Things will always look better tomorrow.

If you have a bad day, stay positive and know things will look better tomorrow. Hope is an attitude, hope is a gift we can give to others as we encourage their dreams, comfort their sorrows, and remind them that God provides miracles before us every day. On days when things are difficult, it is perseverance that will get you through. Remember to give thanks for the faith that has carried you through the challenges. You can do it!

In spite of your best efforts, some things are just out of your control.

When things go wrong we often wonder if we could have done something to make it different. Sometimes, things are out of our control. It is those times when we need to close our eyes and envision the source of all that is love, all that is good, all that is whole, shining on you with a gentle but all-powerful light, bringing healing, comfort, hope, and wellness...Experience the magnificent all-healing power of God.

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If you always do your best, you will not have regrets.

If you have learned something from every experience, there should be no regrets. Learning is a process and making mistakes is a very important part of that process. When you always do your best and share your best self with others you will be able to view your life without regret.
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